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Clinic 5 Addiction Recovery

Focuses on the 5 stages of Addiction and Recovery

  • Stage 1: Awareness and Early Acknowledgement. Growing awareness that there is a problem.
  • Stage 2: Consideration. A shift from Awareness to Action.
  • Stage 3: Exploring Recovery. When Recovery begins.
  • Stage 4: Developing New Coping Skills. Healthy Habits and Rebuilding Relationships.
  • Stage 5: Taking Back your Life to Live at your Fullest Potential. Recognizing the hard road ahead and the challenges you face to maintain sobriety.

Meet The Staff

Dr. Thomas Harrell, MD

"These ladies are very professional and polite, and they are always busy getting the patients taken care of. And I want to say thank for all that you do."

Clinic 5 Patient

Gabriella Antonelli

Office Manager

''Wonderful people, wonderful place.
Couldn't ask for any better Dr. and staff. They call and check on you, they make sure your doing okay. Don't make you feel like a scumbag addict at all.. They actually care for their patients and our recovery!"

Clinic 5 Patient

Heather Daniels

Compass Lab Technician

Lauren Firestone

Medical Assistant